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Swimming with Legends / L'odyssée des monstres marins в 3D

Swimming with Legends / L'odyssée des monstres marins
Blu-ray 3D
19 октябрь 2015
The film retraces his work and his odyssey which reveal an intimate and unsuspected facet of marine monsters. Marine Monsters were born from the observations of navigators who could only watch the ocean from the surface. Above the foam, the sea both terrified and fascinated them.

Marine Monsters symbolized our fear of the unknown: the first marine maps always placed them on the edge of the known world.

Through the systematic study of all ocean creatures, naturalists progressively revealed the real animals that inspired these legendary creatures. They all had one thing in common: their gigantic size was fascinating because their length was always superior to that of men.

These conscientious biologists killed once and for all the fanciful myths and imaginary creatures. They worked on animals that were either stranded or had been pulled up by fishermen. They made descriptions, classified and compared their anatomies. They knew nothing of their living habits or behaviors.

For half a century, explorers have taken over and science now gets wet. In a heavy manner using Aqualungs, submarines or robots: exploring the ocean is often confused with exploitation it. We look for energy in the abyss and are interested in marine life to better eat it.

Today, ocean science swarms, asks questions, looks in all directions – sometimes to protect this immense heritage- but often resorts to aggressive methods. These big animals are either captured or put to sleep so cutting edge technological gadgets can be placed on them and they can be followed by satellite. Is this inevitable? Is there no way of finding out more about these giants without torturing them? The ocean remains a hostile environment but a way of coming in contact harmoniously with these legendary creatures must exist.
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